What is Rondas México?

Rondas México is a web portal where the National Hydrocarbons Commission makes all information related to Hydrocarbon Exploration and Extraction Contracts public.

The aim of this portal is that any interested party can know and monitor all hydrocarbon bidding processes, both bidding processes to select partners for the State’s productive company (Farmouts), and the award of Hydrocarbon Exploration and Extraction Contracts. Likewise, once contracts have been executed and for the duration thereof, it is possible to look up all information related to technical administration and follow-up on each contract at its different stages.

All information available in the portal is updated in a timely manner and is available in open formats. Moreover, an email address was put in place as a citizenship participation mechanism, with aims at receiving comments or questions by the general public.

The Rondas México portal allows the National Hydrocarbons Commission to affirm and ensure its commitment to utmost publicity, transparency and accountability.


About us

To generate the information published in this portal, CNH keeps close cooperation with the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, the Mexican Petroleum Fund for Stabilization and Development and the National Agency for Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection, in accordance with the legal responsibilities of each institution.

The functions met by the different institutions related to the hydrocarbon exploration and extraction bidding and administration processes are mentioned below.